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Friday, September 06 2013

As beautiful as the winter season may be, it can be the harshest season for our skin. Does your skin look uncared for and without its usual glow? Here are four simple ways to kick-start your skin for the Sunshine Coast summer months ahead:

1. Revive Your Skin Through Exfoliation

Most people neglect exfoliation in their weekly skincare routine. The average human generates a new layer of skin every two to four weeks. Usually what sits on top of that new strata is a pile of old cells. If you start exfoliating your skin, you will notice an almost immediate difference in your complexion. The Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar scrub will leave your skin glowing and feeling as soft as a baby.

2. Change Up Your Moisturiser And Cleanser

Is your skin is feeling dry and tight or are your fine lines more noticeable? It may be a good time to have a moisturiser for dry skin on hand for days when your skin is feeling dry. Go for a creamy cleanser instead of bubbly cleanser, as sometimes changing your cleanser is enough for your skins moisture levels to even out. Give your skin an intense hydrating boost at night with a nighttime moisturiser. Sothy’s Cleansing Milk is PH Balanced and does not leave your skin feeling tight.

3. Try A Face Mask

Facial masks are an excellent way to maintain beautiful skin. They clear out pores, cleanse, detoxify, and hydrate our skin.  Regardless of what type of mask you’re using, there are a few essential steps that everyone should follow. Always steam your face over a cup of hot water or press a hot washcloth to your face before beginning a mask. The heat works to soften the debris in your pores and clean your skin. The Papaya Enzyme Exfoliating Masque by Pure Fiji, hydrates, nourishes and smoothes dry skin.

4. Nutrition For Healthy Skin

To achieve good skin and build a healthy foundation, you must eat, live, exercise and sleep “enough”. Drinking lots of water, eating clean and healthy foods with a lot of fruits and vegetables and increasing your intake of fish oils are great ways to start. Include vegetables rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids (Salmon, walnuts etc), avocados, green tea and eggs.”

Try these four easy tips to help you achieve a supple and glowing skin and banish lack-luster winter skin. If you want to get your skin ready for summer, ask us for specific advice at the Lagoon Day Spa Sunshine Coast and we will recommend the best products for you.


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