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Friday, September 13 2013


I am pleased to see that at our luxury day spa Sunshine Coast we are keeping on trend with the massages that we offer. I was interested in a recent 2013, worldwide trend report which points out that Swedish, Thai, shiatsu and hot stone...make way for “the mindfulness massage” in 2013, a creative blend of two effective approaches—mindfulness techniques and bodywork. When combined they can have a uniquely positive, profound impact on people’s stress levels, emotions and brains.


Mindfulness Decade


As I have pointed out before, the bamboo massage not only stimulates blood circulation, muscular tension and aids in Lymphatic circulation but is hugely beneficial as a stress and fatigue reducer.


This new massage “mix” addresses the wellbeing of both body and mind, and because it helps people relax more quickly and deeply.  The report I read pointed out that the future of spa’s will look for “significantly more mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and mental wellness programming and that the next decade will be “all about mindfulness.”


Rewire Brains to Become Less Anxious and Happier


This will be the move into the future as modern stress levels increase and that mental wellness and psychological well-being is going to be a focus for the future. There is also a thought that that mindfulness can re-wire people’s brains to become less anxious, happier and more focussed and creative.


“By integrating mindfulness with massage, clients will not only reduce stress during the treatment, but by engaging in the ongoing component of mindfulness, they may also experience the benefit of brain changes that enable them to become more resilient in coping with stress on an enduring basis.” Dr. Daniel Friedland, President-Elect of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and Founder/CEO of SuperSmartHealth.


Spas with Mindfulness Touches and Positive Psychology


For me though, I like the idea of implementing more positive psychology and mindfulness “touches” throughout spas and one I really loved was a spa in the US where guests select a Hope, Love or Gratitude Stone, and are then guided to think about these meaningful concepts during the treatment. There are others that use tools like gratitude journals or feature “gratitude trees,” where people hang messages about what they’re thankful for. ….MMM, plenty to inspire us for the future at our luxury day spa Sunshine Coast!


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